Who we are

The Vision

QD Tech Limited was founded in July 2006 by Dipesh Solanki and Quentin Hoidge. Having worked together for a number of years, they created QD Tech in order to realize their vision of creating an IT Service provider that is focused on the following core values:


  • Staff will be mostly highly skilled technicians, instead of financially motivated sales teams.
  • QD Tech will only recommend products based on quality, not profit margin.
  • Train all technicians to the QD Tech Standard.
  • Incentivise the Technicians as well as sales staff. After all, Technicians spend more time with clients and can identify other solutions the client could benefit from.
  • Promote Quality, Dependability and the trust of our Clients to builld long term relationships.

Having worked for various IT Service provides over the years, the founders soon realised that the prevailing modus operandi was to make as much profit margin as possible.

In almost all cases, the technical department was regarded as a cost, not a product. As a result, technicians were paid as little as possible to deliver as much as possible.

In addition, the technician usually had no control over what they were delivering. They are just sent to a site and expected to keep the client happy, even when it becomes clear that they have been sold a second rate solution “because it had a better margin…”.

In light of these conditions, QD Tech was formed to reverse this trend.

Over the past decade and a half, QD Tech has built a reputation for “Getting the Job Done!” for both Partner and Direct clients. We take pride in ensuring client satisfaction at all costs. The IT Service industry had a great propensity for “Passing the Buck”. QD Tech takes responsibility for projects and will deal with all third parties, rather than expecting the client to mediate between suppliers on their own.

Honesty builds trust and the trust of our Clients is the most precious jewel at the heart of QD Tech.

The Recipe

The founders have decades worth of real world experience between them. They have worked with technologies going back as far as ICL Mainframes and Novell Netware and almost everything in-between. Add to this a number of years lecturing in technologies ranging from Java and the CIW Webmaster program to Cisco, Linux and Microsoft products and you have a recipe for building the QD Tech Standard technician.

We have developed an in house training program designed to rapidly raise a new technician’s fundamental knowledge level. A strong knowledge of the core fundamentals unlocks most of the advanced knowledge in any particular field as they delve deeper.

As engineers progress with the company we complement the in-house training with commercially recognised accreditations across a wide range of technologies.

Engineers are coached where necessary to ensure that they are confident, professional and polite when interacting with clients.



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Call 0207 859 4593

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