Email Solutions

Email is the lifeblood of all modern business. QD Tech’s engineers have been delivering email solutions since the mid 1990’s. We have vast experience in products such as Microsoft Exchange and 365 as well as Google Mail, Novell Groupwise and others. Whether you need to upgrade an existing email infrastructure or migrate to a new solution, QD Tech is highly qualified to assist you.

Over the last 20 years email security has become a critical requirement. SPAM and Malware proliferation has grown to epidemic proportions and so it is vital that companies employ all available methods to combat this threat. In order to help our clients to solve this, QD Tech has partnered with Mimecast who we believe is the world leader in Email Security and Archiving.

Since the rise of GDPR, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) has become a serious issue. Mimecast provide powerful tools to help prevent companies from leaking sensitive data and QD Tech will work with you to create appropriate DLP policies for your outbound email.

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