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Since the late ‘90s, the internet has become the most pervasive, fastest growing technology in history. Today we use it for everything from paying bills to receiving a diagnosis from a doctor. Increasingly more and more business takes place in Cyberspace. Data is now of greater value then gold.

As a result, reliable internet access is vital to all businesses, from Banks in London to Drilling Rigs in the Papua New Guinea jungle. QD Tech has assisted these and many more with their internet requirements.



Increasingly we rely on Wireless Networks (WiFi) to provide connectivity to both Corporate and Public networks. Whilst the convenience of WiFi is obvious, the security risks are often not as clear. The dangers of poor wireless security are many. QD Tech has a great deal of experience advising our customers of the best options for any given requirement.

Not only is it vital to secure one’s own Wireless Network, educating staff in good WiFi hygiene is also vital. Fake Public WiFi networks are being used by criminals to capture a victims personal and corporate credentials with greater frequency. These details are then used in a range of ways to extort or steal money from their bank accounts, stock portfolios and trust funds and so on. Just because a network is named after the coffee shop or hotel one is in does not mean it is legitimate. Always check with the staff in your location to ensure you are connecting to the correct network.



The nature of networking has changed a great deal in the last 30 years. Back then serial networking was commonplace and Ethernet was only affordable for large enterprises. Today we use both wired and wireless Ethernet in our homes, let alone our workplace.

Ethernet has grown faster and more complex since the days when 5Mbps Co-Axial cable was draped around your office. Today speeds of 10Gbps are increasingly commonplace and 100Gbps is just around the corner.

QD Tech has experience of almost all network types from AUI and Banyan Vines to Serial and Token Ring.  Our knowledge of products including Cisco, 3com, HP Procurve, Brocade and many of the younger network hardware suppliers is vast.

Since “Work from Home” is rapidly becoming the norm, reliable and secure remote access networking is another area of the field that we depend on. QD Tech has deployed and supported almost all mainstream Client Access VPN products including Cisco Anyconnect, Paolo Alto Global Protect, FortiClient and Microsoft Direct Access.

The move to IPV6 has been predicted for over 22 years and yet IPV4 is still predominantly in use. However, we at QD Tech believe that IPV6 will finally replace IPV4 to better support this new paradigm of decentralised staff.

This is primarily down to the fact that IPSec, which is the technology at the heart of most VPNs, is built into the IPV6 protocol and could untimely end the need for Software Clients. This will mean that your corporate VPN would connect as soon as the IPV6 stack is loaded into the operating system. This in turn will allow support technicians to connect and fix issues of staff devices even if the user cannot log in. Most importantly, it is license free.

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