Technical Support

In the past 30 years the IT infrastructure of all businesses has evolved beyond anything we could have imagined. Gone are the days when a hulking machine in the basement was maintained by the “Mole Men” and “Mad Scientists”.

Today we use technology everywhere, every day. From a work or home PC to your Mobile and tablet, we rely on these devices for everything from booking tickets and ordering food, to placing million-pound trades. These devices are not infallible and when they fail you need a support partner that responds anytime and for any problem.

Dependability is built into the QD Tech name. We aim to respond quickly with an engineer capable of solving the problem at hand. Too often clients are passed from pillar to post, waiting to find the one person with enough knowledge to solve the problem.

QD Tech Engineers are given extensive training from the day they join. This training has been created in-house and has been distilled from five decades of experience held by the two founders and is expanded as our students become the masters. This vast experience has resulted in training that is relevant to current products whilst ensuring a deeper fundamental knowledge of how these technologies work.

QD Tech has a reputation for being able to work with products no one else can support, either because it is too old or too niche. Experience with a broad range of products going back as far as 1990 has allowed us to help clients when no one else could.

QD Tech ensures that all our clients have a team of engineers assigned to their sites, to ensure familiarity and a personal touch. We all prefer to deal with the same group of people when interacting with suppliers, never more so then with your IT Support supplier.

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Call 0207 859 4593

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