Hosted Telephony

Hosted Telephony also known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) – has become a popular option for businesses in recent years. It offers a range of benefits, can be converged with data services, and even allows organisations to combine their fixed and mobile telephony requirements.

Hosted telephony uses cloud technology which removes the need for costly physical hardware on-site and analogue or ISDN telephone lines from phone providers; instead, a business phone system is hosted remotely and connected to via the Internet. Essentially, the phone system becomes a piece of software rather than hardware.

Unlike traditional telephony, which relies on physical copper telephone lines, hosted telephony uses the internet to send voice data through the local phone exchange. This gives you a telephone system that’s hosted in the cloud, meaning you can use IP handsets, mobiles, or even a desktop application to make and receive calls.

The remote location is known as a Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) and can be accessed through leased lines (lines dedicated to your business with no other, external traffic). It provides a flexible, reliable and efficient way to manage your communications and once it is installed, can be easily managed and additional features can easily be added to suit your needs.


VOIP with QD Tech

With QD Techs Hosted Telephony the Desktop Client lets you connect your office phone to your preferred business device, such as a laptop or Desktop PC. It works seamlessly with the hosted service and mobile client to ensure that you can control your user account and handle calls efficiently, wherever you are. The Desktop Client provides a way to use existing devices so that you can reduce the cost of entry to a hosted solution, as well as minimising telephony costs incurred whilst on the move or in different locations.

The Android and iOS Apps enable users to make and receive calls on a mobile device, as well as providing access to key settings for their service. It provides all the same functionality as the desktop client above, with the exception of Click to Dial and Group Chat. This is an ideal bolt-on for users who often work remotely or who are regularly on the move with access to WiFi (e.g. in hotels).

QD Tech’s Hosted Telephony provides you with agile, consistent and cost-effective solutions.

  • Supports out of office and Working from Home.
  • Connectivity via your existing Internet line or dedicated line if required with a guaranteed Quality of Service.
  • Scalable can be upscaled and downscaled on a monthly basis.
  • Reduce the cost of entry to an IP hosted service by using the desktop client as a softphone and simply adding a headset
  • Reduce telephony costs when on the move or in temporary access points such as hotels, coffee shops and customer premises
  • Monitor your favourite contacts’ Presence status to check their availability to take calls or to communicate with you
  • Send an Instant Message to get an immediate response from a colleague when their Presence status tells you it might not be convenient for them to take a voice call
  • Connect customers who use other messaging services to your company so you can quickly communicate with them and build a new route for direct customer support
  • Directly control your user account to implement Call Forwarding, Do Not Disturb or other call features
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