QD Tech’s founders have both lectured in a wide range of technology for a range of IT training organisations over the last two decades. They soon realised that the greatest challenge facing a graduate of these IT training courses was lack of experience. It is almost impossible to gain employment in the IT industry without some level of experience, but how does one gain experience without employment?

QD Tech regularly recruits teams to fulfil Rollout and Deployment projects for our Partners. The level of skill required of project technicians perfectly matches the level of training the above-mentioned graduates receive. QD Tech has partnered with several Training companies to identify graduates that meet the QD Tech standard. Successful graduates become part of a project team and gain invaluable experience whilst providing QD Tech and its partners with highly enthusiastic well-trained technicians.

All QD Tech’s full time technicians are recruited from the best members of our project teams. Those we do not recruit directly are often recruited by our partners and even end-clients.

Whilst QD Tech benefits greatly in terms of quality control and a huge reduction in recruitment costs, our greatest reward is in empowering fellow technicians to gain a foothold in the industry.

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